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Network was created in March 2004 by linking of Koliserv (administred by Kolibot) and Spider-Serv (administred by SpideR) Thanks to Kolibot, the network has many links in first months Domain name and concept was officialised in May 2004 Then a friend of Kolibot, methos came and greatly helped to administer and manage the network, services and security In September 2004 Kolibot focused on studies and gaming, and stopped to administer the network, letting methos doing everything In January 2005, things were very bad, methos stopped listening other admins, so after a vote, he has been fired, but he had time to destroy everything, the network was recreated in a night, and bases of what it is actually were defined It is actually administered by babass, difool (webmasters, admins), illu (main admin of IRC, services) and SpideR (your humble servant, admin of services arround IRC, such as web, mail, dns, and other stuff) If you are interested in other infos of what happened since January 2005, i advise to visit our website ( http://www.rs2i.net ) and forum ( http://forum.rs2i.net )

Re-Pompé depuis http://searchirc.com/history/RS2I.net , je traduirais ...